You never know what you'll see on the streets in Rochester, New York. This one you can't make up. It's an air conditioner being dragged behind a car.

You may not have believed it if there weren't pictures and video. But it's real. So, if anyone is missing an AC unit in Rochester, New York, it was seen on Lyell Avenue...being pulled behind a Cadillac.

Picture = 1000 Word, Video = Priceless

A picture may be worth a thousand words but Chad Krohn, who give a "look into the real Rochester," caught video of the Caddie pulling the AC unit down the street to prove it really happened.

Nothing New in Rochester

Seeing strange things rolling down the road is nothing new in Rochester. Earlier this month a man was seen driving what looked like his kid's electric car.

Is that even legal?

Cooler on Wheels

Hold my beer! Who needs a kid's car when you have a cooler on wheels? This guy was spotted at the Mr Subb in the Troy, New York area. His 'cool' car even has a cushion.

I don't think that's what the wheels were meant for. But hey, you do you.

Loaded Down

Normally it's the things on top of cars that grab our attention.

Janelle Leigh passed a car loaded down with everything but the kitchen sink in the town of Parish, New York.

"I had to stop and turn around so I could get the picture. This is just too impressive to not share."

Impressive it is. Legal? Probably not. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. At least there's no one driving the second car on top.

Credit - Janelle Leigh
Credit - Janelle Leigh

You Might Be a Redneck

Then there's the guy who was seen hauling a trampoline on top of his vehicle on Route 187 in Schuylerville.

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Bug on a Sunbird

Brian Powers found a deal on a VW Bug in Mexico, too good to pass up. But he had no way to haul it. So, he strapped it to the roof of his Sunbird to bring it all the way back to Syracuse.

Photo Credit - Brian Power
Photo Credit - Brian Powers

ATV in Trunk

When you want to go 4-wheeling and have no way to haul your ATV, you cram it into the truck of your Camaro.

Credit - Torey Sweet
Credit - Torey Sweet

If it Fits it Ships

Check out more unique ways New Yorkers have turned their cars into moving U-Haul. In the words of the US Postal Service, 'If it fits, it ships.'

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