The cast and crew of the late '00s reality show Can You Duet have recorded a Christmas card that puts all others to shame. That they included a touching message to Season 1 finalists Joey + Rory makes it even more special.

The duo shared the video with fans on Facebook, but it was posted to Vimeo on Tuesday afternoon. The CMT reality show was how the American public first learned of Joey + Rory. It launched their careers in 2008, and started a journey that would include many professional and personal highs and lows. Joey Martin Feek is currently in home hospice battling cancer. Stars like Caitlin and Will (Season 1 winners), Meg Linsey (of Season 2 winners Steel Magnolia) and Brad and Marylynne Stella (of Season 2 finalists the Stellas) turned up to sing and say "Merry Christmas" to her and her family.

Others who make the finely-produced sing-along and Christmas card include Nick Brownell and Jeremiah Richey (Season 1 runners up), Ryan Larkin (Season 2, third place) and Sixwire. Richey's message is the most emotional. He turned his in remotely, and breaks up as he wishes them both the best.

The production doesn't appear to have any purpose aside from sending good cheer to Feek as she battles cancer. The song they sing is "It Must Be Christmas," written by Steve Mandile.

Upon seeing the video, Rory writes about how the show changed their lives.

"What a wonderful blessing," he says. "Almost as wonderful as the special video Christmas card we received last night from some of the cast and crew members who got together to brighten my wife's Christmas."

"It truly did! Thank you my friends. Merry Christmas."

Rory Feek continues to keep fans updated on his wife's battle through his This Life I Live blog. His most recent post showed the couple's 1-year-old daughter with Santa Claus.

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