It's a day to celebrate. Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly is done with chemo. He was diagnosed with cancer in his upper jaw last June. After surgery, the family thought their cancer battle was over. Last March doctors discovered the cancer was backand it was spreading.

Jim's wife Jill posted the good news on Instagram. 'As of right now, this very moment, Jim is DONE with chemotherapy! 4 more radiation treatments to go! #prayersforJK'

Jim's daughter Erin was just as excited over the news, 'WE NEED TO CELEBRATE!!!! With Aloe Vera shots!!! Daddy is done with chemo!!!!!! Praise The Lord!! Only 4 radiation treatments left!! #prayersforjk'

Listen to Jim Kelly discuss his health and teaching his daughter how to be 'Kelly tough.'

Not only is Erin 'Kelly tough' she's thankful.


The couple celebrated their 18th anniversary a few days ago. Jill surprised Jim, wearing her wedding dress to the hospital. What a special moment their daughter Erin shared on Instagram.

Lets all send up #PrayersForJK.

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