First the chemo ended, now the radiation is over for Jim Kelly who is fighting jaw cancer. The Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback was first diagnosed in June of 2013 and it started spreading last March. Things started turning around when Kelly had his last chemo treatment last week.

Jim's wife Kelly says the 'journey is not over and the road ahead is unknown' 'but the family is praying for the best.

Kelly's supporters lineup up to celebrate the good news. 'I know I could not have done this without family and friends. You guys have been there from day one. We've got a long way to go but I know with you people on my team, I'll be here for many more years and many more parties. So thank you' Kelly tells the crowd through his tears.

Watch the celebration as Kelly leaves the hospital.

You can send your prayers to #PrayersForJK on Twitter.

The Kelly's recently celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary and they didn't let a little thing like cancer stop them from appreciating what's truly important in life; true love.

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