The battle rounds are almost complete on 'The Voice' and the teams are almost full. Blake Shelton's team didn't get much TV time on last night's show but he did use his final steal of the season.


Devyn DeLoera and the youngest singer in the competition at 15 MarissAnn, rocked the stage with 'Free Your Mind' from Christina Aguilera's team.  Devyn's more mature voice won out over MarissAnn's for Christina.

Not surprisingly, I disagreed with Christina, and thought Marissann did a much better job on the song.  I also liked her voice better than Devyn's, who just wasn't as powerful or animated on stage.  Apparently Blake agreed.  As Marissann was saying goodbye Blake hit his steal button. 'You know what, I like Marissann.'  The steal not only made Marissann happy. Christina was just as happy she was staying on the show and thanked Blake for taking her onto his team.  They even all shared a group hug.  Will she be as happy when Marissann beats half her team down the road?  Nice steal Blake!

Devyn DeLoera vs. MarissaAnn: "Free Your Mind"

Cassadee Pope and Ryan Jirovec from Team Blake also battled it out but if you blinked you may have missed it.  Their battle was given about 30 seconds of airtime with Blake choosing to take Cassadee into the knockout rounds.

Cassadee Pope vs. Ryan Jirovec

'The Voice' battle rounds wrap up tonight on NBC at 8.  See who gets stolen, who goes home and who moves on.

Next week 'The Voice' is shaking things up.  The knockout rounds begin Monday but the show will not be seen Tuesday night.  Don't worry.  To make up for it, NBC is giving us a double dose, airing episodes Wednesday AND Thursday.  Three nights of 'The Voice' next week, YAHOO!