Have you been watching Big Brother 19 on CBS this season? Maybe you're routing for Buffalo native Mark Jansen. Yesterday Mark caused a little bit of drama inside the Big Brother house.

Jansen is a 26-year-old personal trainer from Grand Island New York. His strategy to win is to “read people and relate with everybody, be real, don’t get caught up in stories.” However, it's been reported he may got caught up in a story, and some drama inside the house.

Another house guest named Josh Martinez has been full of fights and drama all season. However, in the latest mess inside the house it looks like Mark may be to blame. According to Big Brother Network, the drama/fight was caused when Mark and Josh were in the backyard playing a high-stakes game of billiards. The loser of the game had to drink a cup of pickle juice with hot sauce mixed in.

The game comes down to one last ball when Josh takes a shot and Mark calls out that he scratched and has lost. Josh denies he lost and says he wants to redo the shot. Mark isn’t agreeing to that so Josh insists he won.

Josh brought Mark a cup of pickle juice with hot sauce. Mark took the cup and threw the contents in Josh’s face. So Josh got hot sauce in the eyes, and covered in pickle juice.

Josh got upset, and threw ketchup and ranch dressing all over Mark. At this point Big Brother started announcing “Stop That!” to the house guests, but it didn't work. Mark chased Josh across the yard, but instead of punching at each other Mark just wipes some of it off on Josh.

Tune in to Wednesday's episode on CBS to catch more drama unfold.



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