You'll be able to catch familiar names, and familiar logos, on this season of Big Brother on CBS. One of the house guests attended Syracuse University, and has been sporting a hoodie with the logo on it.

Big Brother 18 cast member Tiffany Rousso is not only the sister of former Big Brother 17 House guest Vanessa Rousso, she graduated from Syracuse University in 2006. She graduated with a major in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. With those degrees I'm sure it came in handy because she also has experience as a guidance counselor. On a recent episode of the show, Tiffany was seen rocking her Syracuse hoodie proud.

Dave Wheeler/TSM
Dave Wheeler/TSM

Tiffany is a pretty decent singer too, and loves talking politics. If you look her up on Facebook, you'll find plenty of selfies, poems, and pet pictures. You can cheer on our CNY graduate on CBS's Big Brother all summer long.

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