Many fans watching Big Brother 17 this season are questioning if Austin Matelson had a girlfriend before entering the Big Brother House. If so, why is he cheating on her on national television? 

Over the past few weeks, viewers are starting to get annoyed with Austin's pure obsession with Liz Nolan. He's been extremely creepy towards her, but then again she is no angel. She's stated she doesn't "like him like that", but continues to lead him on day after day.

Either way, Did he have a girlfriend before his new found obsession in Liz? The answer is YES. Did he break up with her before the show? NO. He decided to do it through the cameras watching the house guests 24/7.

Austin had a girlfriend named Jen. Jen, wanted to end the relationship before season 17. Big Brother Spice reports Austin's girlfriend's sister Megan is saying that Jen was the one who tried breaking up with Austin, but he convinced her not to.

On July 21st Megan tweeted:

"My sister tried to breakup with him prior to the show but he conviced (sic) her out of it cause he stated that he was doing it for her and he would think of her every morning/night. She never agreed to an open relationship or to explore other options."

Another tweet the same day:

"Too bad we only get to hear one side of the story.My sister has more respect for herself to agree to that. You should see pictures and videos he sent her for months and weeks prior. Too bad for him the show is only temporary and when he gets out he won't have Liz or Jen. He is saying anything he can to make himself feel better about what he is doing. And Jen helped me write this.""

I guess he will find out once the show is over. For now, he's on cloud nine in his fantasy world with Liz. What really stinks, I was a huge fan of Austin. This definitely made me think differently. Especially now when hes mentioning on the show that he doesn't care about the prize money, and only wants to play for her heart.....