It was an interesting night in the Big Brother house with our first Veto competition, and our first signs of female drama. Here's what you missed on Big Brother 16 on July 2nd.

Caleb and the rest of his "Bomb Squad" alliance were gunning for Donny. In the first Power-of-Veto competition of the season, Donny beat the rest of the players in a "Miami Vice" inspired spelling game. Houseguests had to swim through a giant head of hair to find "lice" that had painted letters on them. Houseguests then had to spell out the longest word. The Bomb Squad did a horrible job. Donny won by spelling the word "Splitters."

Joey found herself on the chopping block alongside Paola as the replacement nominee. Why? The house found out she tried to form an all female alliance and none of the girls wanted it. Joey tried to confess to both Devin and Caleb in hopes they would spare her from eviction, but it looks like the house is gunning for her blood.

Tune in to the first elimination of the season tonight at 9:00 p.m. Eastern on CBS.


Devin had a little bit of a melt down in the house. He decided to have a very long, and crazy, speech about how he felt bad he judged Donny too soon. You can read that here.



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