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Texting while driving? A no-no. Using a cell phone while driving? Dangerous. But how about eating while driving. While there is no law against it--so far--there are some foods that are safer than others to consume while behind the wheel. Which ones?

Insure.com conducted a survey of 1500 drivers to find which foods were the most popular while driving. Company spokesperson Jeffery Steele evaluated the choices.

Candy bar--16%. I found this food item exceptionally easy to consume while in the driver's seat. My KitKat bar proved neat, petite and ultra sweet, confirming why candy bars earn their No. 1 ranking as the best food to eat while driving. Disaster potential: Low. About as safe as road food gets.

French fries--15%. My order of fries from a fast food eatery came with so much grease I didn't know whether to eat or give my car a lube job. I safely negotiated the slippery task of consuming the fries while motoring, but will not do so again without a jumbo roll of paper towels riding shotgun. Disaster potential: Low.

Potato chips--9%. With an open bag of Cool Ranch Doritos between my thighs, I gripped the wheel with my left hand and made regular trips from bag to mouth with my right. Only the chips -- not car bumpers or quarter panels -- crunched. Odd, though I had a paper napkin beside me, I found myself absent-mindedly favoring my right shorts leg and left T-shirt sleeve for crumb removal. Disaster potential: Low, but check your shirtfront before your next meeting.

Chicken nuggets--8%. Driving safely while simultaneously consuming chicken nuggets is all about how well the open nuggets container is balanced on your knee. When the nuggets had dwindled to two, I happened to brake suddenly, the box tipped and a little poultry patty ricocheted off my brake pedal. I veered 200 feet into a discount store parking lot and hurled the runaway nugget out a window.

Doughnut--8%. For this test, I chose a fancy air-inflated French doughnut drenched in white frosting. It was a piece of cake to munch even while negotiating a left-turn lane. Only the sudden plummet of a frosting chunk, which landed harmlessly on my seatbelt, marred the experience.

via The best foods to eat while driving | Insure.com.

Tacos, burritos and pizza are on the far less popular end of the list. As long as you don't need a knife and a fork to consume your on-the-go meal I would think on the danger scale eating while driving is still pretty low.


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