While the national chains get their fair share of coffee patrons, we Central New Yorkers are known for preferring that our consumption and cash stay in town. Not just because we like local, but also because the product is actually GOOD! Here are the king coffee shops in Utica and Rome respectively as chosen by your reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor.

With a motto of everything local (except for the coffee beans,) for the last 16 years this place has been serving our area well from deep in the heart of Utica but that doesn't keep all walks of life from swinging it's doors constantly! It seems just in the last couple of years that it has really started to spread it's wings because not only do celebrities and sports figures come here when rolling through town, Utica Roasting even offers their products online so people can sample Utica goodness while 'waking the hell up' all over the nation!

With humble beginnings on James St in Rome 13 years ago, this once tiny coffee shop has since expanded to a much bigger (and better) location right on the campus of Griffiss Airport. Like it's counterpart above, not just Romans get to sample the goodness of this joint but also transient passengers and pilots who fill up on their coffee and food and then go back to their hometowns with the good news. The family that owns it and the staff are known for their always-on friendliness and the food? Well, like what you wash it down with, it is well worth the price and unique to boot!

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