Here's a new way to have a little fun the next time you grab a cup of coffee.

Everyone has their go-to spots to get their get their cup of coffee. Whether it's daily or for a special occasion, you coffee shop is close to your heart for different reasons. One company is Utica giving you an even bigger incentive to stop by during the month of April.

Spring-O Bingo!

Utica Coffee Roasting Company is "hoppy" to announce their Spring-O Bingo promotion is going on at all of their locations. It's a fun way for you to enjoy all they have to offer, while winning some perks at the same time.

Credit - Utica Coffee Roasting Company
Credit - Utica Coffee Roasting Company

Stop by either of their locations and grab a Bingo card for yourself to play. Get 5-in-a-row, and you'll be awarded an amazing discount code for your next purchase Good news for you, there are plenty of chances to win.

Some of the squares include:

  • Buy from a local vendor
  • Eat a baked good
  • Two visits in one day
  • Do a funny dance for your barista
  • And so many more!
Credit - Utica Coffee Roasting Company
Credit - Utica Coffee Roasting Company

If you've never been a fan of coffee, I'd say now is a good time to try it. This is also great for those guys who are always forced to bring their girlfriend to get coffee. Hey man, we've all been there. Now you can have a little more fun on your next trip!

The promotion ends on April 30th, so take advantage of the game and deals while they last.

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