It's that festive time of the year and with so many destinations to travel pick, why not stay in New York State?

With a long list of places to choose from, WalletHub came up with a statistical ranking of 2022's Best Cities for Christmas. The group made their observations based off of a number of categories, including Traditions, Observance and Shopping.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Of all the cities in the country, the Top 20 list includes two from New York. This is good news for not only your state pride, but for if you want a holiday trip that's closer to home.

With that being said, who are the cities that made it?

Photo by Pavol Svantner on Unsplash
Photo by Pavol Svantner on Unsplash

Buffalo - #16

Yes, we are just as confused as you are. How does Buffalo rank so highly on this list when there are so many other cities to consider. It really came down to one category.

Observance: 2

When came down to the population of people in the city who actually observe it as a Christian holiday and go to church, Buffalo ranked 2nd on the list. That helped boost their ranking up significantly.

In terms of the other rankings, the city ranked 45th or higher for all of them. Traditions (37), Generosity (45), Shopping (29), and Costs (31).

Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash
Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash

New York City - #9

No surprise one of the most iconic cities in the world made the list. With the humongous Christmas tree, FAO Schwartz, and Rockefeller Center Ice Rink, there is so much to do for Christmas in NYC.

In terms of which statistics they led in... here's a breakdown.

Traditions & Fun: 1
Generosity: 3
Shopping: 3

Photo by Johnell Pannell on Unsplash
Photo by Johnell Pannell on Unsplash

The flashy aspects of the city during the Christmas is what really draws people to the city. They did score poorly when it came to Observance (97) and Costs (100).

Whether it's because of Elf, Home Alone, or any number of other Christmas movies... New York City still holds itself high as a staple destination for the holiday season.

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