Ben Stiller is spending a lot of time in upstate New York filming Escape from Dannemora, the movie about the prison break at Clinton Correctional.

From Stiller's Instagram account, it looks a lot like the actor - who is originally from New York City - is discovering another whole part of the Empire State while filming.

His Instagram is filled with shots that are not only linked to the movie, but are of the beauty that is everything New York has to offer north of Manhattan.

Below is the first shot of the film Escape from Dannemora.

Here's a shot from Olmstedville, New York. Not sure if he thinks the caution tape is beautiful too, or just the sunset.

He's really enjoying the Adirondack mountains too.

Stiller will be spending a lot of time in Plattsburgh while filming, and it looks like he's getting acquainted.

Here's a short video of a drone the team will use to film some shots for the movie.

We doubt he get to see sunrises like this one over Lake Champlain when he's in LA or NYC.

Ben Stiller gets up really early.

Here's a still of a scene shot in Malone.

Hope he likes beans!

Who doesn't like Chinese food?

It really looks like Stiller is enjoying the beauty of Upstate/Northern NY. This sunset photo from Constable is probably making his friends jealous of his time here.

Upstate (meaning anything above NYC in this case) NY is quickly becoming a destination for movie making and we love it. Stiller joins John Krasinski and Martin Scorsese, who are also working on films, Krasinski in Husdon Valley and Little Falls, and Scorsese in the Hudson Valley area.


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