One of the biggest imports around Easter and Christmas is Cadbury chocolate. Because of a lawsuit brought on by the Hershey chocolate company, L.B.B. (Let's Buy British Imports) agreed to stop exporting the popular British made delectable. This has many store owners furious.

According to an article on The New York Times website,

As a result of a settlement with the Hershey’s Company, Let’s Buy British Imports, or L.B.B., agreed this week to stop importing all Cadbury’s chocolate made overseas. The company also agreed to halt imports on KitKat bars made in Britain; Toffee Crisps, which, because of their orange packaging, and yellow-lined brown script, too closely resemble Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups; Yorkie chocolate bars, which infringe on the York peppermint patty; and Ms. Perry’s beloved Maltesers.

Many people took to social media to express their displeasure!

One store owner in Manhattan said this of Hershey products, "Have you tried Hershey’s chocolate? I’d never sell it in my store." We have to hope that we will at least get our Cadbury Creme eggs to help make the Easter holiday feel complete!

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