The 2015 Gourmet Guys to the Rescue event to benefit The Rescue Mission of Utica was a huge success! Not only was the turnout fantastic, the food incredible, but Big Frog 104 took home first place in the Desserts category. With my girlfriend's amazing Chocolate Covered Mint Oreo Balls recipe, we had people coming back for more.

This is an event I look forward to every Fall. Not only do I get to create something cool to feed a bunch of people, but the proceeds from the day go to support a great local charity. This was the second year we participated and it was a ton of fun! I has a great team of Jim Rondenelli from our sister station WIBX and the brilliance of my beautiful girlfriend, Dallas Hanna. Want to know how to make these amazing Chocolate Covered Mint Oreo Balls? I'll be sure to share it and the video above explains how to do it.


  • 1 Package of Mint Oreos (Pick any flavor for variety)
  • 1 3.9 oz package of Instant Chocolate Pudding
  • 1/2 cup of Milk
  • 3 4 oz bars of Baking Chocolate
  • 1 bag of White Chocolate Chips


  1. Empty pack of Oreos into a bowl and crush until the cookie and frosting is almost, but not quite a powder.
  2. Mix 1/2 cup of milk with package of Instant Chocolate Pudding and stir until thick and gooey.
  3. Add crushed Oreos to chocolate pudding/milk mixture and stir until well combined.
  4. Roll Oreo/pudding batter into small balls and put them on a pan and put them in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  5. Once in the freezer for 10 minutes melt the 3 bars of baking chocolate in the microwave. Heat in increments of 1:00 until fully melted, stirring after each minute.
  6. Take frozen balls and dip them in the melted chocolate. Once all are covered, put them into the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
  7. After that, melt white chocolate (1:00 in microwave, stir then another minute and stir). Try not to over heat the chocolate because it will clump up. After it's melted drizzle over cooled chocolate covered balls and enjoy!

This is the perfect recipe for any holiday party and it's very easy to make. Not only is it easy, but it's delicious. You can use any variety of Oreo too! Try the raspberry, peanut butter, or (if you want to get real Christmasy) the peppermint flavored oreos. However you choose to make them, be sure to share and enjoy!

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