Summer time in Central New York. One of the best dishes is salt potatoes. What type of leftover dishes can you make with them?

Foodie With Family is obsessed with salt potatoes. So much, they designed 5 different dishes for you to use your leftover salt potatoes on:

1) Home Fries

Who doesn't love a nice bowl of home fries? All you have to do is chop up leftover salt potatoes and fry in a heavy skillet with additional butter or bacon grease. You can't go wrong!


2) Crash Hot Potatoes

What in the world is Crash Hot Potatoes?

The Pioneer Woman’s fabulous Down-Under treatment for potatoes becomes that much easier with leftover salt potatoes. It probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, you can ramp back on the salt you sprinkle over the smooshed, olive oiled and rosemaried potatoes before baking. They are salt potatoes, after all.

You can now make your leftovers even fancier.


3) Smashed Potatoes

Not mashed, smashed! Reheat your salt potatoes, smash lightly, add a splash of heavy cream, some garlic, black pepper and chopped herbs. Stir well with a wooden spoon, serve with a grilled steak and be ready to go on a flavor journey.


4) Potato Salad

Imagine turning a summer BBQ favorite into another BBQ favorite through leftovers? Cut chilled leftover salt potatoes into bite sized pieces, toss with mayonnaise, chopped onions and celery, a squirt of yellow mustard, freshly ground black pepper and stir. You're now good to go!


5) Cold Salt Potato Midnight Snack

This one was a no brainer on the website. Eat them cold! Toss out the popcorn during your movie, and load up on the potatoes.