The government shutdown continues in Washington with neither side showing much willingness to find an answer. A government shutdown is not unheard of in other countries but the solution to one in Australia in 1975 may be a blueprint as to how we may approach ours in the future.

The Australian government found itself in a very similar situation to ours when, according to the Washington Post, politicians could not come to agreement on a budget. So what happened next?

Queen Elizabeth II's official representative in Australia, Governor General Sir John Kerr, simply dismissed the prime minister. He appointed a replacement, who immediately passed the spending bill to fund the government. Three hours later, Kerr dismissed the rest of Parliament. Then Australia held elections to restart from scratch. And they haven't had another shutdown since.

via Australia had a government shutdown once. In the end, the queen fired everyone in Parliament..

I've heard a lot of people say we should "fire 'em all" and that's exactly what our friends in the land down under did. It may not work in our system of governance but it sound like a dream come true for many of us!



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