Huge Hailstorm Cripples Australian Town
We may have had a couple of rough winter months complete with cold temperatures and a lot of snow, but we have to be grateful it wasn't anything like what a town in Australia had to go through. The Town of Chinchilla, without warning, was hit with a huge hailstorm on Saturday night that dropped…
How Australia Handled Its Government Shutdown
The government shutdown continues in Washington with neither side showing much willingness to find an answer. A government shutdown is not unheard of in other countries but the solution to one in Australia in 1975 may be a blueprint as to how we may approach ours in the future.
Keith Urban Upstaged By Five Year Old in Australia
This is one of the many reasons why I love Keith Urban.  He often invites an audience member up on stage to perform with him.  And sometimes he gets upstaged.  While in Australia, five year old Nathan not only got to play his guitar and sing "Day's Go By," but Keith also took the time to s…
Give Birth or See Alan Jackson?
Talk about a dedicated fan.  Alan Jackson sold out six shows in Australia faster than any other country star in history.  Apparently a lot of Aussie's wanted to see his show.  One fan wanted to see his Sydney concert so bad she almost gave birth at the show...
Australia Loves Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson recently sold out six shows in Australia faster than any country artist in history.  Apparently signing a lot of boots in the process.  Check out Alan's video of highlights from the tour.