The election season this year has done nothing but fill your Facebook feed with negativity, and division. It has really been a nasty campaign for our nation's highest, and supposedly most respected position. Many Americans are sick of it, and are ready for it all to be over. Here in Central New York there are far worse things that could happen than having to read anymore of the political crap. Here's a full list of things in Central New York that would most definitely be worse than the election season.

  1. A failed Escarole crop world-wide.
  2. The Utica Comets moving to another city.
  3. People starting to call Half Moons "black & white" cookies.
  4. Another Utica Club shortage!
  5. Saranac Thursdays moving to another day of the week.
  6. People forgetting all about the Memorial Parkway.
  7. Boilermaker Sunday not happening in the heart of Summer.
  8. Central New York's American Heart Run & Walk not raising our usual million dollars for The American Heart Association.
  9. Any local business having to close their doors.
  10. People not able to sleep in a warm bed every night, or have a full belly.

It's no question that the Presidential Election is extremely important. Everyone should stay informed, and make a clear decision on who you choose to vote for. To make the nation, our state, and local cities and towns continue to thrive we have to work together. Stop the spread of negativity and open yourself to the ideas of others. You may not agree, but it's important to hear all sides. The election is almost over, and whether you chose to believe it or not, it truly is up to you to get out and attempt to make a change by participating in a right many other humans don't have. Mark your calendars for Election Day - Tuesday, November 8th, 2016. If you're not yet registered to vote, you can do so by visiting the DMV website.

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