Are you O.K.? Rome Police are making sure with a service available to residents.

The 'Are you O.K.?' program is for older adults, disabled persons, shut-ins who live alone, or anyone in Rome who needs to be checked upon daily.  The system will call enrolled subscribers every day at the same time. When they pick up the phone, they'll hear a voice saying, “Good morning, are you okay?” If they fail to answer after several tries, or if there is a busy signal several times in a row, the computer will notify the police dispatcher to send an officer to check on them.

Rome Police says "it's very important to understand ;Are you O.K.?' is not intended to take the place of Lifeline, Life Alert, Lifephone, or any other service which a person is now using. In fact, we urge people to use Lifeline or similar services in addition to 'Are you O.K.?'"

If you're interested in signing up, contact Sgt Zoeckler by calling 315-339-7700 or email


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