The world is waiting for April the giraffe to give birth at the Animal Adventure Park. Park owner Jordan Patch said the birth was 'imminent' two weeks ago. So what's the hold up? Here's 6 reasons April hasn't given birth yet.

1. Fame
With millions of people from around the world tuning in every moment, April is soaking up her 15 minutes of fame.

2. Extra Food
An extra baby means extra food. What girl wouldn't want to eat more without feeling guilty. "I'm eating for two."

3. 150 pounds baby
It's hard enough for anyone who hasn't given birth to imagine pushing a baby out but imagine if that baby was 150 POUNDS! I wouldn't be in any rush to push that out either.

4. April
Her name is APRIL. Maybe she wants to wait until then. God I hope not. I can't wait that long.

5. She's a Diva
April's a diva. No one tells her when to do something. She'll give birth when she good and ready.

6. Fake Pregnancy
Maybe April isn't really pregnant. At least that's what some are speculating on social media.

April is VERY pregnant but "she’s a season pro," says Patch. "She knows what she’s doing. If anyone has kept their cool during this process it’s April. It just takes time."


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