It looks like in 2019 I will be a father of 4!

My wife Sarah and I are proud to share with you our amazing news. We are expecting twins January of 2019.

When we found out the news we both laughed nonstop during the ultra sound. Here's how that appointment went: The ultra sound tech explained she found the heart beat! Naturally, my wife Sarah and I smiled at each other and were super happy. Then she explained she found the second heart beat.......We both shot looks at each other and asked "Wait what?"

We both started to laugh nonstop, must have been a nervous tick!

So here's my question for you, any advice for twins? Any advice on having a family of 4? We would love to hear your advice and tips!

Also, lastly, it looks like we will own a van soon! Avery and Finley are beyond excited to be adding these two siblings.


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