Randy Owen was right, there are "Angels Among Us." An anonymous New York woman saved 4 families who were about to lose their homes because of unpaid property taxes. And she didn't even know them.

In a story reported by Albany's News Channel 13, one of the families affected was an 80-year-old woman who had lived on her farm in North Hebron (near Lake George) for 42 years. Her son lived on the farm as well raising about 100 animals. After her husband died, she was unable to pay the property taxes for the last 3 years. Her property and the homes owned by the 3 other families were scheduled to be auctioned this Saturday.

It was the public notice of the auction in a local newspaper that caught the eye of the anonymous woman. The county's treasurer says the woman paid $11,000 to save the 4 properties, cashing in her late husband's life insurance policy. She added, "that's what he would have wanted."

Read more on the story at News Channel 13's website.


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