The tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary touched everyone around the nation and Andy Griggs is using his talent to make a difference. He's written and recorded a song called '20 Little Angels' to honor the lives lost and to raise funds for Connecticut.

Andy talked with us about the song and its fast connection with fans across the nation.  'We just finished mastering it Thursday. I never thought it would be released this quick. Its been a fast train ride.'

Andy Writes With Bobby Pinson
Andy wrote the song with Nashville songwriter Bobby Pinson 'It was one of those things I thought would be really awkward and one of the hardest songs to write. But it ended up being the easiest and I was hoping somebody would believe in it the way I believe in it.'

Helping Heal
The song was just a way for Andy to express his feelings on the tragedy. 'By no means am I trying to play a sad fiddle and say we grieved more than the rest of the world.  We all grieved together. But at the same time, this is my story. This is how I felt.  The biggest thing I wanted to write about was not how bitter and sorry I felt but a great ending.  The great ending is, I know exactly where they went.  I do believe in God and heaven and I believe there are ballerina's blowing kisses in heaven right now.'

20 Little Angels is helping a Nation heal and hopefully the families of those innocent children as well. 'If I can affect just one person.  But its not about me, its not about you or even the listeners.  Its about 20 families right now.'

Fast Response
The response to the song has been more than anyone could have ever anticipated.  It began as an idea around the holidays, that everyone changed their plans to make happen 'It seems like yesterday I sat down to write it over the Christmas holidays.  Bobby and I rearranged our holiday schedules to get this done.  Bobby's son Cash even took part, singing '20 little angels watching over you' at the end.'

With a beautiful song, usually comes a video but Andy isn't sure if he can make one. 'Possibly, but everything is happening so quick.  Several people have asked about a video but I really don't know where I would go with it to justify the song and the idea.'

Andy Griggs/Facebook
Andy Griggs/Facebook

Hear the interview with Andy Griggs:

Hear '20 Little Angels'

You can also find the song on Andy Griggs' website or his Facebook page.

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