'20 Little Angels,' the song about the Sandy Hook tragedy, is touching so many hearts.  WKTV anchor Gary Liberatore heard us play the song on his way to work and it moved him, like it does so many people, and he wanted to talk more about it.  So he invited me to join him Saturday morning.

Watch the beautiful package Gary put together on the tribute song, written by Andy Griggs and Bobby Pinson. The more people hear this song and download from iTunes, the more we can do for those poor families in Connecticut. All proceeds from the song will go to those affected.

Thanks Gary for having as much passion in the song as I do and having me on to talk about it.  I think the tribute is getting a bigger reaction than even Andy Griggs anticipated.  That's the power of music and a great song.  Lets all kees those '20 Little Angels' in our hearts and download the song to help those left behind.

You can also find the song on Andy Griggs’ website or his Facebook page.