Ruben Studdard became a household name in 2003 when he won the second season of American Idol.  Although he won the singing reality competition that changed his life, he continues to lose the fight against his weight.  Studdard, who weighs over 400 pounds is now turning to another reality show to help him win the fight for his life. 'The Velvet Teddy Bear' will be a contestant on the next season of 'The Biggest Loser,' which begins airing in the fall. 

Studdard is hoping the trainers and medical staff can help him lose the weight for good this time.  Studdard lost 70 pounds in 2006 but gained it all back after his divorce last year.  He tips the scales at over 455 pounds.

Here's hoping Studdard can take everything the Biggest Loser has to offer and turn his life and his weight around.  I'm looking forward to watching his progress this fall.

Biggest Loser Winner Danni Allen to Attend Utica Boilermaker

Danni Allen/Facebook You could be running this year's Utica Boilermaker with Biggest Loser winner, Danni Allen . She'll be the featured guest at the Boilermaker expo July 12th and 13th, leading stretching exercises at the Kid's Run July 13th. Danni will also take part in the 5K race July 14th.