Season 11 of American Idol is underway. The first audition stop was in Savannah Georgia where thousands gathered for a chance to be the next super star. We saw several country hopefuls, Steven Tyler sticking his foot in his mouth and a Ryan Seacrest double.

  • David Leathers Jr.

    Never Can Say Goodbye

    David Leathers Jr is no stranger to last year's Idol winner Scotty McCreery. He beat Scotty in a local singing competition in 2009. He may have won over the judges then and during his Idol audition but will he win over America?

  • Steven Tyler

    Steven Tyler is the male version of Paula Abdul. You never know what he's going to say. I think sometimes, he doesn't even know what he's going to say. Steven stuck his foot in his mouth after meeting a 16 year old's father and calling her hot! You could have heard a pin drop. Luckily she had a great voice too and moved through to Hollywood.

  • Shaun Kraisman

    Ryan Seacrest Look A Like

    They say everyone has an identical twin somewhere. Shaun Kraisman is a Ryan Seacrest double. He not only looks like the Idol host, but sounds like him too. Too bad he can't sing. Watch out Ryan, Shaun could steal your job.

  • Lauren Mink

    Country Strong

    The strongest showing for country music came from Kentucky native Lauren Mink. Her version of 'Country Strong' gave Jennifer Lopez goosebumps. She sailed right through to Hollywood, but will she last?

  • Phillip Phillips


    Phillip Phillips is his real name. Poor kid. But it's a name you may be talking about for awhile. He blew the judges away with Stevie Wonder's 'Superstition' and his funky version of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' on his guitar. He definitely stood out among the thousands and may have a great chance of making it to the voting rounds.