You never know what you're going to see when traveling down a New York road.

Dan Burkholder captured a 'one in a million' moment on his dash camera near Palenville, New York. "You never know when something will happen that you'll need proof of, but I've never seen anything we needed to use it for before."

That changed on January 15 when Burkholder caught something strange. But what is it? "It's hard to see it clearly after I cropped it from $12 dashcam footage," said Burkholder. "At first my wife Jill and I thought it was a possum. Then we saw the tail and thought maybe a cat."

A neighbor of Burkholder's is a hunter and knew what the rare animal actually was. "He told me it was definitely an albino fox. You know, hunters and trappers won't kill albino animals because they say it's bad luck."

How Rare Are Albino Animals

Burkholder knows how rare an occurrence the sighting was. Some say it happens only once in every hundred thousand births. Others claim it is even rarer—one in a million. "My wife and I were thrilled to witness such a wonderful thing. It gave us a sense of wonder at the way natural beauty can suddenly surprise and delight."

David Mullen caught one of those 'one in a million' albino animals recently too on the National Mall lawn in DC. "Must be something in the water," he shared with Burkholder on Facebook.

Credit - David Mullen via Facebook
Credit - David Mullen via Facebook

Burkholder and his wife are no strangers to seeing new and rare things. The photographers have had a studio in the Catskills since 1990 that features pictures from all over the world. "We haven't traveled anywhere recently but are looking forward to going to Greece and Mongolia later this year."

Photographers and friends have been reaching out to Burkholder after he posted the rare video. "I think people are hungry for non-offensive, good news for a change."

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