The Top American Idol girls battled it out for five spots in the Top 10.  10 may have sang but only 4 stood out last night.

Kree Harrison
Country/gospel singer, Kree Harrison killed it once again.  She took on Faith Hill's 'Stronger' and had judge Keith Urban on his feet.  She makes it look so easy and will be around for awhile.


Angela Miller
Angela Miller, who blew away the judges during Hollywood week with her original song, took on former Idol Colton Dixon's song 'Never Gone.'  She received rave reviews from the judges and Colton himself, who tweeted about the performance that you can watch below.


Candice Glover
Candice Glover had everyone on their feet after her amazing performance of John Legend's 'Ordinary People.' John tweeted his appreciation too.


Amber Holcomb
Amber Holcomb may only be 18 years old, but that girl can sing.  She honored Whitney Houston by taking on 'I Believe in You & Me,' and made Whitney proud.  Very few people can sing Whitney and sing it well.  Kudos Amber.  She'll be around for awhile.


Janelle Arthur
Country girl Janelle Arthur was good but she wasn't great.  She took on Elvis' 'If I Could Dream' and she may be dreaming about being the next American Idol from home.  I don't know if her performance was good enough, compared to the other four standouts of the night.

Kree Harrison 'Stronger'

Angela Miller 'Never Gone'

Candice Glover 'Ordinary People'

Amber Holcomb 'I Believe in You & Me'

Janelle Arthur 'If I Could Dream'

The Top 10 guys sings tonight for five spots.  Tune in to Fox at 8pm.  Tomorrow, the results will be revealed of who makes the Top 10.  Who do you think will move on from the girls.