The fate of Candice Glover and Kree Harrison is in the hands of America, after both sang their last songs on 'American Idol.'  Both had three songs, a producers choice, their favorite of the season and their new single if they win.  Who sang the best and should be named this year's American Idol?

I love both Candice and Kree but I think the edge goes to Candice.  Although Kree will have a HUGE career in country music.

Kree went first, singing 'Angel,' while Candice performed 'Chasing Pavements.'  Both were ok but I was expecting way more for the Idol finals. After round one I was hoping for a lot more.

Kree and Candice sang their winning singles and both fit them perfectly.  Kree was given 'All Cried Out,' a country song tailored to Kree and country music.  Candice performed 'I Am Beautiful,' a song I could hear playing on a pop station today. I felt she did a bit better than Kree for round two, but both were impressive.

The best was saved for last.  Kree took us to church, with the song she sang during Hollywood week, 'Up To the Mountain.'  Wow, what a voice and what I'd been waiting for all night.  But just when I thought Kree had it in the bag, out came Candice and blew everyone away with 'I Who Have Nothing.'  I said it was a performance you'd see on the Grammy's the first time around and it was even better last night.  If the acapella beginning didn't reel you in, her big voice had you hooked by the end.

The winner will be crowned tonight and I believe it should be Candice.  I love them both. Kree has a great voice and long career ahead of her but Candice is amazing. She does things with her voice only the best in the business can do.  Several surprises are expected on the two hour finale starting at 8 on Fox.  Who do you think will win?

Kree Harrison 'All Cried Out'

Candice Glover 'I Am Beautiful'

Kree Harrison 'Up To the Mountain'

Candice Glover 'I (Who Have Nothing)'



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