Check out this crazy video of the Statue of Liberty being struck by lightning....not once, not twice, but four times.

The crazy footage was captured by Staten Island resident Mike Calabrese Wednesday night during the thunderstorms.

The Statue of Liberty being struck by lightning is more pretty common than you think. It makes sense, since it's a big piece of copper all alone on an island surrounded by water, creating the perfect lighting rod

Experts that have viewed the video point out the lightning strike didn't actually hit the Statue of Liberty, but actually hit about two miles behind it. It's just the angle of the video that makes it look like it's being hit by four lightning strikes.

The statue is hit many times a year even though it's grounded through its granite base. The Telegraph claims the Statue of Liberty is struck about 600 times a year.

The damage lightning strikes cause to the statue has been studied during the statue restoration that happened in the mid-80s. They found scorch marks and quarter-sized holes from lightening in the copper. During the restoration, a new and improved lightning grounding system was installed to stop the damage from lightning strikes.

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