Severe storms rolled through Central New York, bringing lots of thunder and lightning. A woman captured the moment one bolt hit the ground in Waterville.

Angela Soucia was taking a video of the ominous storm clouds in her backyard when lightning struck. "I was videoing the clouds because it looked like they were starting to swirl," said Soucia. "There was a lightning strike and thunder immediately after, so I just turned my phone sideways to get a larger view and within maybe a minute I got this one."

My son had called me from Madison and asked if it was raining at my house and that it was pouring and they had hail.. so that's when I went to the back door to see what it was doing.

Credit - Angela Soucia

"It scared the crap out of me and I think I peed a little," she joked. "It wasn't so much because of the lighting but the crash of thunder just as it hit."

Soucia tried to see where hit but says she didn't have any luck. "The grass is shoulder high and it was thundering again so we came back."

She did have luck capturing the beauty after the storm in a picture-perfect sunset.

Credit - Angela Soucia

The National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning for parts of Hamilton and Herkimer counties but no word if one touched down.

Lightning is rumored to be the cause of a fire that broke out at the old Hind & Harrison Plush Company in Clark Mills.

Several fire departments responded to the blaze just before 8 PM on Monday, June 21.

The storms packed heavy winds all across Central New York. A tree landed on Cristina Land's car, causing damage in Cassville, New York.

Credit - Cristina Land

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