The past few days, I've seen some heavy during lightning bolts during some of central New York's recent early summer thunderstorms. This is "National Lightning Safety Week", and new information now indicates that your three times more likely to be struck by lightning while fishing than playing golf. However, golfers should still exercise cautious during thunder and lightning storms.

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"NOAA's National Weather Service kicked off this year's National Lightning Safety week with the release of a new study on lighting deaths in the U.S. From 2006 through 2012, 238 people were struck and killed by lightning, with two thirds of the fatalities occurring during leisure activities. Fishing tops the list of activities, accounting for 26 deaths -- more than three times as many as golfing.

"When people think of lightning deaths, they usually think of golf,"said John Jensenius, the NWS lightning safety specialist who conducted the study. "NOAA has made a concerted effort to raise lightning awareness in the golf community since we began the campaign in 2001, and we believe our outreach has made a huge difference since lightning-related deaths on golf courses have decreased by 75 percent."

Watch this video for lightning safety tips:

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