Can you believe FrogFest 29 is coming up so fast? Alexandria Corn is one of our acts, and this weekend is a homecoming weekend for her.

We decided to take a moment and pick her brain on all things CNY.

1) Where in CNY has your favorite bowl of riggies? Which restaurant is calling your name when your back in town?

Oh gosh this may be one of the most difficult questions for me. I am a RIGGIE fanatic. It has been the hardest thing living in Los Angeles where no one knows what "chicken riggies" are. I can't have I have one favorite- it's too hard for me to narrow down. But I can say a few of my favorite places for riggies include Aquavino, Delmonicos, Venice pizzeria and Cafe Del Bueno. I will try my best to go to every one of these places when I'm back in town!


2) What's your favorite CNY watering hole?

Since I've moved, I know a lot of new bars have opened. But some of my favorites include Killabrew and Lukins. I've always been a huge fan of Irish pubs so Killabrew is probably my number one. The Harp is a great one too.


3) Growing up here, what are some favorite memories?

My favorite upstate NY memories include skipping classes senior year of high school and heading to the beach with all of my friends (sorry mom and dad), the change of color in the leaves around fall, summer country concerts( of course frog fest is one of them!), all of the musicals and performances I've done with my amazing cast mates, and spending time with my friends and family. I miss them dearly!


4) Who had a strong influence on you locally?

Everyone in my life has had some kind of influence on me. But I would have to say my middle school/high school chorus and Theatre teacher- Alicia Loomis. I really started singing and performing because of her. I didn't believe in myself when I was younger, and she pushed me, whether it was to audition for the school musicals, talent shows or college auditions. She was extremely motivating for the entire class but it really carried past high school classes for me. She is really, solely to thank for not only for my confidence and drive but for finding my passion.


5) Saranac or Utica Club?

Oh man- I'm sorry UC but I'm going to have to go with Saranac!


6) Have you ever done the boilermaker or heart run and walk?

I haven't ran either of them, but I sang the National Anthem for them both plenty of times. One day I would love to run the Boilermaker. But I should probably first learn how to run...


7) Favorite summer memory from CNY-

My favorite summer memory is definitely going up to my dads camp on white lake. I spend a lot of time up there when I come home during the summer. I miss being on the lake more than anything. Don't get me wrong- the ocean is amazing, but I'm definitely more of a "lake" girl.

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