Any Alan Jackson fan could tell you his love of country music is only equaled by his love of boats.  And like his music, Alan has a taste for the old school, wooden boats.  He recently donated a rare wooden boat to the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton. Click to hear the details and see pictures.

At the time of the donation, we had the opportunity to talk with Michael J Folsom with the Antique Boat Museum, who put the boat's value in the high 6 figures. Here's the interview, as Folsom explains Alan's restoration of the boat and the time he has spent in The Thousand Islands.

Flat Top 2
Antique Boat America

Alan named the boat "Flat Top" after the acoustic guitar he plays on stage.  It wasn't Alan's first trip to the boat museum. Folsom says he brought 5 boats to their annual auction in 2009 and cruised the Thousand Islands in his yacht "The Neon Rainbow."

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