Al Roker of NBC's 'The Today Show' is attempting the World Record for longest uninterrupted live weather report broadcast. The previous mark was 34 hours! Al began the #Rokerthon broadcast at 10:05 p.m. on Wednesday and is still going strong. At one point during the broadcast, Al appeared on WKTV to give the Utica forecast!


Roker is not only doing this for the World Record, he is also doing it for a good cause. Al is asking people who tune into his Live Broadcast Stream to pledge donations to his CrowdRise campaign to raise money for United States Service Organizations (USO). Keep up with Al's progress on social media with #Rokerthon or you can watch the live stream by going to It's fun to watch him wave to people and interact with the crew. You can also send Al weather questions with that same hash tag.

Here Are Al Roker's Official Record Rules:

  • He must talk about weather for the entirety of the time, outside of breaks.
  • He can talk about current weather, and weather seven days in the past or seven days ahead.
  • For every 60 minutes completed, he can take a five-minute break. The breaks can carry over and be combined, so if he goes four hours without stopping, he can take a 20-minute break.
  • Two independent witnesses must also be there at all times.

Let's hope Al can break the record and raise a bunch of money for the USO! Go Al Go! To make a donation to the USO visit:

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