Jack Rogan had a lot of people in New York state rooting him when he went into battle. He wowed the judges solo, how did he do with some competition?

This season of the voice seems to be absolutely stacked. Initially, in the try-out round, Jack did an amazing job impressing the judges. Ultimately, he chose to be on team John Legend. When he first sang The Animals "House of The Rising Sun" both John Legend and Kelly Clarkson were amazed, while Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton chose not to turn their seats around. Both had made mention about how emotional and heartbreaking his voice is though, in music that is a huge compliment.

Fast forward to this past Monday night. With so many performers hitting the way they are, how would Jack perform outside his comfort zone? He had to do that with Taylor Swift's song "Cardigan". A song that vocally has a lot of highs and lows, Jack does incredible with the lows. In the video above, Jack did seem to impress at first, then Sabrina Dias began her portion of the song.

When Sabrina hit a certain note, Kelly Clarkson said "I love her tone". Seemingly none of the other judges were making any remarks about Jack though. Until the end.

Jack, man, that tone, that voice you have, it truly is really special. When you got up to that high stuff, that was emotional to me. It felt like you were giving it every single thing you had - Blake Shelton/The Voice

Does Jack Rogan Stay or Go?

This was a sentiment all of the judges certainly shared, including John Legend. Ultimately, the team thought Sabrina did a little better and so did Legend. Sadly, this sends Jack Rogan home. No steals were attempted.

There is no way this can be the end of the road for Jack. With how much he enjoys singing and the fact he really never performed prior to the voice, it wouldn't be shocking to see him carve his own path on his own in the coming years.

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