Like many of you, I like cherry pie, cherry ice cream, and just plain cherries.  As a kid growing up in Utica, we had a cherry tree right in our backyard (and I cannot tell a lie, I did not chop it down).  Now, a new study says cherries, even in a pie can be good for you.


"Not all desserts are bad for your heart.  Cherry pie actually slashes the risk of clogged arteries. That's because cherries, especially darker ones contain anthocyanins, a substance which prevents cholesterol from collecting in blood vessels. Researchers from the University of Michigan fed a group of rats small doses of cherries over three months and found they showed dramatically lower cholesterol levels than rats not given cherries. While sour cherries are considered more beneficial, the scientists believe even a sweeter cherry dish like pie is OK. Other studies reveal that cherries may also alleviate arthritis pain and improve sleep."

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