Let's be honest here, we know a thing or two about being weird here in Central New York. These pictures prove it.

Why Is It A Bad Thing?

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Being weird doesn't have to be a bad thing. Some people instead choose to embrace it, that is how we should look at it. Remember about a month ago when we talked about the 7 most redneck towns in Central New York? Redneck, just like weird is a term that doesn't have to be taken as an insult.

Sometimes Weird Is Humor

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One of the pictures below is most certainly weird, the one with the road signs, but it literally is meant to get a laugh. That it will do when you see it. Everyone has a different sense of humor, but having a weird one isn't always a bad thing.

The Definition of Weird

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Weird: of strange or extraordinary character - Merriam Webster

There certainly isn't anything wrong with being an extraordinary character.

Central New York has a lot of people, people from all different backgrounds. We have a large population of Amish here, the way their culture operates through life might seem weird to many, but is it weird to them? It doesn't have to only pertain to the Amish though.

Have You Seen Anything A Little Funny?


What are some weird things you've seen during your travels across Central New York? We would love to see the photos, feel free to share them through our station app.

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