UPDATE: Animal Adventure Park release a text alert for birth notification and other park news.

If you've been waiting patiently to watch April the Giraffe give birth at the Animal Adventure Park, you can rest easy, an app has been created that will alert you when it's go time.

The 'Giraffe Watch' app was created by a man in Seattle of all place who wants to make sure we all have the chance to see the calf come into the world.

Tom Horton told K5 News in Seattle he came up with the app during his lunch break.

"I made a system to let watchers self report. Once those start coming in, I'll verify it myself and trigger the alert," he explained to K5.

The app and website Giraffe Watch feature a live feed of April's pen and a 'Labor Alert' button users can select to notify Horton that 'anything worth watching' is happening.

The system uses crowdsourcing to notify users when April is actually in 'active labor.'

You can watch the live feed of April on Youtube.

April and her birthing process have become a national sensation. Twitter users have been commenting on the story using #GiraffeWatch.