This year's Great New York State Fair starts Thursday, August 25th and runs through Monday, September 5th. Here are some of the best attractions to check out.

It's almost that time of the year again - It's almost time to gather the family together and head to Syracuse for the Great New York State Fair. This isn't your typical "fair" or "carnival" - This is the state fair. That means it's huge, and it has everything you could possibly want in a fair-going experience. These are just a few of the attractions they offer, but they're something we think you should make room on your calendar for...


What's better than seeing a free show during the state fair? Not a whole lot - Especially when the shows are of top quality artists and performers, and they're free. Just some of the acts coming to the NYS Fair this year include Daughtry, Toto, Rachel Platten, Kesha, Air Supply, Chicago, among tons of others. You can see a whole list of the lineup for the Chevy Court here.


No fair is complete without the midway. This year the "Wade Shows Inc. Midway" is back. Not only are they back, but they're also bringing some new rides with them for this year. Maybe take a ride on the new "Disko" which will have you rocking and rolling at the same time, the "Street Fighter 360" - which is a high-thrill pendulum-swinging, intense ride, or go for one of the carnival favorites like the Ferris Wheel or the "Himalaya."


Yes, you read that right - Butter sculpture. What could be so amazing about butter? Well, if you've never been to the New York State Fair, you haven't seen the amazing artwork they can create with butter. This isn't like a one-tub-of-butter creation, but a huge (like 800 pounds) masterpiece. Just check out this time-lapse video of last year's butter sculpture being created:


Don't fill up too much before you head out to the state fair because they'll have everything you need. Sure, you can get your deep-fried treats and your fair favorites like nachos, fries, burgers and hot dogs, but you can also get some unique and delicious foods. The New York State Fair is starting to rival Texas' fair for their fried food options. Don't forget about the donut burger!
Not only that, but Taste NY will be at the state fair this year, with more than 70 vendors with samples of all things New York - cheese, wine, craft beer, tea, cookies and so, SO much more.


Do you know about the Rainbow Milk Bar at the state fair? Whether you love milk and chocolate milk, or if you just drink it once in a while, this is a stop you need to make. We can't explain it - People just say there's something about this milk that's so refreshing and delicious. Plus it's cheap - You can get an ice cold cup of regular milk or chocolate milk for only 25 cents.

Those are just five things that you can check out at the New York State Fair - We didn't even get a chance to tell you about the animal exhibits and shows, the museums, the antique tractor display, arts and crafts exhibits, the games, and everything else they have going on. Your best bet is to check it out for yourself.

You can always keep updated on what's going on at the state fair by visiting their website here.



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