Set a reminder for Central New York's biggest party of 2019; FrogFest 31 with Randy Houser on Saturday June 1st presented by White's Farm Supply and Kubota.

Houser is no stranger to Central New York. He was part of our acoustic show at the Rome Capitol Theater in 2012 and we're really excited to have him back in June.

What are some fun facts you may not know about him?

1) He is an ordained minister.

Randy Houser served as the official for his songwriter friend Rob Hatch during the 2012 ceremony to his wife Shannon. Maybe you could consider booking him for your wedding this June!


2) His first name isn't Randy.

His real first name is Shawn. His middle name is Randolph. I'm guessing that's how Randy came to be.


3) He is an amazing songwriter.

Prior to his success as an artist, Houser lived as a songwriter, co-writing singles including "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" by Trace Adkins, "Back That Thing Up" by Justin Moore, and "My Cowboy" by country pop artist Jessie James.


4) Randy is a massive collector of...

Randy is an avid collector of Jack Daniels with a barrel and bottles in his living room. We now know what his drink of choice may be backstage.


5) He comes from the birthplace of Country Music.

Randy is from the small town of Lake, Mississippi, right outside Meridian, MS - the birthplace of Jimmie Rodgers - the "Father of Country Music".

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