The adorable 3 year-old central New York boy who hit a gram slam with his National Anthem at a baseball game is getting national attention. Drake Grillo has been featured on CBS NewFox News and Inside Edition, singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Grillo was called on at the last minute to sing at an Auburn Doubledays game Wednesday, July 11th and the video quickly went viral. But he's not letting all this attention do to his head. "He says 'that's me' and then tells me he wants something to eat or drink, the normal kid stuff," Chelsea Grillo tells Inside Edition.

The Grillo's have season tickets to the Doubledays and watch a lot of baseball on TV. That's how Drake learned the anthem. And his favorite rendition - Carrie Underwood at the Nashville Predators game.

Drake will be back at the ballpark at the end of the month for a fundraiser for people who has hip dysplasia. That game is scheduled for July 29th.

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