national anthem

Kids in Walmart Use Fans as a Microphone for National Anthem
When you think of America, what do you think of? Of course our awesome military, freedoms, and other things come to mind instantly, but did you also think of Wal-Mart? Love it or hate it, Wal-Mart is about as American as you get. That's why it's appropriate these kids chose to sing our National Anth…
RaeLynn Nails The National Anthem On Monday Night Football
Raelynn is taking the country music industry by storm. From "Voice" contestant to a record deal with Big Machine, she's definitely making a name for herself. Her hit 'God Made Made Girls' is a huge success and with the shortage of quality female country artists, she's a breath of fresh air…
National Anthem Brings Reggie Wayne To Tears
Before the 'Monday Night Football' game on ESPN, Grammy Award winning Jazz Trumpeter Chris Botti performed the National Anthem. He played so beautifully, you could here a pin drop in the stadium and it brought Colt's wide-receiver to tears.

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