Two raccoon babies (known as kits) were rescued by Kirkland police officers in Clinton.

The Rome Sentinel reports that they were orphaned on or about June 7th, after their mother became a victim of a passing motorist on Fountain Street near Chestnut Street. Two babies were seen by area residents looking confused and walking in circles on the shoulder of the road.

Clinton resident Dorothy Harrington called police to come out and capture them for their own safety, according to official police reports.

However, Kirkland Police Chief Dan English said before they could get to the scene, a new situation arose complicating matters even more.

“By the time we got there the two rascals had crawled up into a pick-up truck’s engine compartment when the driver stopped to avoid hitting them,” English said."

The two who were taken into protective custody however were transported to the Woodhaven Wildlife Center in Chadwicks. It looks like the Clinton kits should have a healthy life in front of them. You can read the full story from the Rome Sentinel.

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