Emily DiPrimio is a 14-year-old girl with a love of horror films. Her desire was to write and direct her own 80s style slasher flick so that's what she did! With the help of the popular fund raising website Kickstarter, she was able to raise over $30,000 to budget for the film. Now, her hard work has paid off and her over 500 investors know their money went to good use. She and her father, who co-wrote the film, have released the first trailer for the movie "Carver."

Here It Is, The 'Carver' Trailer:

I'm going to say it right now, this movie looks pretty scary. The idea of taking a killer and dressing them in a Sleepy Hollow type costume is pretty clever as well. With Halloween right around the corner, this is the type of thing to get you in the spirit. The most impressive part about this whole thing is that it came from the mind of a young teen! If she can create this film in one year with only about $32,000, imagine what she could do with a big budget. I think we may be seeing more of Emily's work. I can't wait to see "Carver!"

Check Out Emily's Original Kickstarter Video:

[Source: MTV]