FrogFest stars LOCASH love their fans. "We're nobody without the fans," says Chris Lucas. And here's 10 times the guys spread the love.

Guitar Gifts

LOCASH loves bringing fans on stage, and some even leave with a souvenir. This lucky kid walked away with a guitar for a memory he'll never forget.

Military Love

Chris and Preston know the real stars are the men and women in uniform who defend our country and they take time to always thank our military.

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Meet & Greet Moves

Backstage meet and greets usually consist of taking a picture, saying a quick hello and moving on. But LOCASH are anything but normal and you never know what will happen. Watch the guys bust a move with a few fans.


You never know who you'll see in the crowd at a LOCASH show. It could even be LOCASH themselves who like to take selfies with fans.

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Sign for Signs

Fans don't always need an official meet and greet pass to get a photo with LOCASH. Some just show the love with a sign and Preston and Chris will sign and pose for photos wherever they see them.

Tailgating Crashing

The party isn't just backstage with LOCASH. Rather than having fans come to them, they've been known to crash a party or two.

Rick Diamond
Rick Diamond

City of Hope

LOCASH loves giving back as much as they love their fans. Preston and Chris volunteer every year to take part in the City of Hope softball game to help raise money for cancer research. Unfortunately, they'll miss this year's game since it's Saturday, June 9th and they have plans for that day.

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Singing on Stage

LOCASH will share the stage and have often brought fans up to sing along.

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Fan Clubs

Most meet and greet lines are separated into categories; radio, fan club, winners etc. But LOCASH has not one, not two, but THREE meet & greets. One for their fan club before the venue opens. Open before the show and one AFTER the show.

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Love from the Stage

If you're lucky enough to be up close at FrogFest 30, you might get some love Saturday, June 9th too at the Utica/Rome Speedway.

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Get your $20 FrogFest tickets online at Big Frog 104 or at area Price Chopper stores. Gates open at the Utica/Rome Speedway at 11:30 am. Music and the cornhole tournament begins at noon.

Go behind the scenes with LOCASH and see for yourself the love they have for their fans and performing on stage. You're not going to want to miss FrogFest 30.