The winter in Central New York can be brutal! This year so far we have been pretty lucky, but that probably means the rest of January, February, and March are going to be torture. Keeping that in mind, there are several professions that become very difficult during the cold months and here are ten of them.

10. Police/FBI Diver

crazy diver with flipper and mask in a bathroom

Say for instance a crime were to take place in Utica and a police investigator had to look for important and timely evidence in the heart of winter, but it's at the bottom of the Utica Marsh. You going to wait until it's spring? No way! Get on the wetsuit and dive on in!

9. Powerline Worker

Power lines on blue sky.
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Not all power line sights look like this. If the power lines in Utica or Rome were to have an issue, the National Grid worker would have to get up in a cold bucket, with the wind whipping, and repair the problem. Now they don't just have electrocution to worry about, but frostbite too!

8. Professional Dog Walker

Man walking dog,

Just because the weather gets below zero and snowy doesn't mean dogs don't stop going to the bathroom. If you are entrusted to take care of and walk other people's dogs, this time of year can be pretty "RUFF."

7. Cab Driver

Yellow taxi sign on car

Just because it's a blizzard out, doesn't mean people who don't have vehicles stop needing to go out and get groceries or need a ride home from the bar. When other people may choose not to drive in the inclement weather, cab drivers always have to.

6. School Bus Driver

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

As a school bus driver are you entrusted with the safety and lives of other people's children. This is a pretty hefty responsibility all year long, but bad roads don't always close schools down. Driving in bad weather, especially in CNY, is always unpredictable and when you have 50 screaming kids it probably can get a little stressful.

5. Tow-Truck Driver/Operator

Winter Storm Brings More Snow To DC Area
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Despite most residents of our area living here all their lives, right around this time of year they seem to forget how to drive in the snow. This fact is many of the motor vehicle accidents in our area occur during bad weather. Who is the person who has to go collect the wrecked vehicle in the subzero temperatures? Tow truck drivers of course!

4. Crossing Guard

First Winter Snow Hits The East Coast
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Bless the hearts of all those brave men and women who, in most cases, volunteer their time to stand in the freezing cold and snow to make sure school kids cross the streets safely on their way to and from school. No storm will stop these folks from doing this important job!

3. Garbage Collector

Garbage can and truck

Once a week you leave your smelly and disgusting garbage on the curb for someone to pick up. In the Summer that usually means extreme heat and a terrible smell. In the winter, the terrible smell is usually still there AND they have to collect that trash in the freezing cold and blowing snow.

2. Construction Worker/Roofer

secure door

Whether it's building a home, putting on a new roof, or building a new arterial construction workers don't stop when the snow comes. With temperatures below zero and wind chills becoming torturous these men and women have a huge obstacle when it comes to doing their job.

1. Mail Carrier

There was a TV show that used to be on Nickelodeon called 'Hey Arnold!' On that show there was a mailman who had a song that perfectly describes our #1 Terrible Job to Have During a Utica-Rome Winter.

So if you see any of the people who do these jobs anywhere around town make sure to give them a smile and a pat on the back for all that they do and all that they have to put up with.

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