You never know what you may see on top of a car in central New York. Snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, boats, a grill, even another car. Here's 10 photos proving New Yorkers will strap anything to their car.

Brian Powers found a deal on a VW Bug in Mexico, too good to pass up. But he had no way to haul it. So he strapped it to the roof of his Sunbird to bring it all the way back to Syracuse.

Photo Credit - Brian Powers

When it's time to go fishing, you'll do whatever needs to be done to get to the lake. This boat on top of a truck was seen in Ilion.

Photo Credit - Ken Knapp

Motorbikes are a lot easier to fit on top of a car. This was in Cedarville, New York. They're probably on their way to a weekend of motocross.

Photo Credit - Courtney Lewis

Getting 4 wheelers on top of cars is a little trickier than motorbikes, but it can be done.

In Cape Vincent, New York....

Photo Credit - Todd Fleming

At the Holland Patent Stewarts...

Photo Credit - Tracy Gilbert King

Instead of ON a car, some find a way to put it IN a car.

Photo Credit - Sarah Allen

And then there's the snowmobiles.

Marie Martin saw one in Old Forge. "The guy was from New Jersey and drove up the thruway," says Martin. "He got it on and off with a fork lift."

Photo Credit - Marie Martin
Photo Credit - Paul Hollenbeck
Photo Credit - Steven Carr
Photo Credit - Marshton Kelly

It's not just recreational vehicles. Jessica Wakefield created a travelling grill. "The people of Rome have never seen how country people cook," jokes Jessica.

Photo Credit - Jessica LaPointe Wakefield